Rosemary's Fate Chapter 1 Solution

Location 1: Thomas! Run away!

Run away from danger! Run up the stairs and open the door using the spacebar.

Location 2: tuo em teL!

You are in a mysterious corridor. You can hear strange ghosts (interfering beings). On the right you hear the sounds of a storm.
Go to the windows. You can close an open window. Watch out for damaged electrical wires.
Go between the wires (you hear them on the left) and the window (you hear it on the right).
You will hear Mary’s call on the left and the sound of the air and creaking door. Enter the door.

Location 3: The Rope

Go ahead until you hear the creak.
You will hear Sarah trapped beyond time and space. She will tell you about Rose.
Then you will hear the strange sounds of reality from 1939 interfering with the present.
Enter the portal.

Location 4: Escape

Follow the guard. Do not run away, otherwise the guard will shoot you.
When you hear the cat and the hint sound on the left, turn left and press space.
Warning: you must face the cat to be able to escape.

Location 5: Follow Blinky

You run away from the guard. Follow the cat (Blinky). You hit an obstacle in the tunnel. Press space and Thomas will remove the rubble.
After leaving the tunnel you hear the child’s cry on the right. Turn right and press space.
Thomas meets Rose. After the conversation, the portal opens. Enter it before the guard arrives.

Location 6: Heavy Storm

Thomas lands in the attic of the monastery. But in which year? The sound of a storm is heard on the right. Go there and follow the cat.
When you walk the corridor you will hear a storm on the left.
Suddenly one of the windows breaks. You go to a small room. When you hear music in the corner, follow it.
When you hear the bat turn right.
Watch out: If you get on a shaking floor, you must turn back, otherwise the structure will collapse. The cat will guide you.
When you reach metal obstacles, you will hear a hint. Turn the source of music and press space.

Location 7: The Brick

There are 2 main ambients leading in this location. One leads to the old tools and the second (sth like an angel song) to the wall with a brick with inscription Thomas 1939.
Try to break through the wall. Thomas will say that he needs to punch a hole in it. Find the hammer among the tools and return.

Location 8: Madness

Thomas begins to lose his senses. Which voices are real, and which are only in his head? Follow the angel ambient from the previous location.
Suddenly some definitely real sound breaks the silence. The life race begins.
When the beast catches Thomas… It turns out to be Mark.

Location 9: Foucault’s Pendulum

Just find the time frame to cross the Foucault’s Pendulum.

Location 10: The Tower

You’re going up the stairs. When you hear the creaking of the floor, you must push the space to jump over it.
There are 3 traps. When you jump over the second, the third is exactly on your right. Turn right and jump again.
When you open the door to the tower, go to the windows and Thomas will try to check the situation.
Suddenly the bell is falling and the floor is collapsing.

Location 11: Midworld

Go to the source of strange music. In the center you’ll hear a full theme and that you need to break all paths.
You must go from the source to the 4 edges and turn off all paths with music lines.
Return to the source and hear the cutscene.

Location 12: The Chronicle

Thomas wakes up. Go to the desk (the clock will guide you) and check the drawers. When you find the matches, find a candle in the room.

Then you will hear Gregorian choral. Follow music until you find the chronicle.

Location 13: The Cathedral

You are looking for pages torn from a notebook with translation of the chronicle.

Thomas realizes that some similar events took place many times during the 800 years history of the monastery and psychiatric hospital.
When you find all 3 parts of the story, someone starts playing the organs.
Follow the music to reach the stairs.

Location 14: Visitor

Go up the stairs and meet a frightening figure that doesn’t seem to belong to our reality. Thomas meets Dr. Lazarus.

Location 15: The Library
Thomas is shocked after Mark’s sacrifice. He realizes that he returned to 1939 to the same library in which all the events started in 2019.

Follow the ambient to the desk and find the letter from Dr. Drucki. Then search the library to find his books.
They appear to be in Polish but the note says that foreign literature is on the mezzanine. Go to mezzanine stairs and find English diary by Dr. Drucki.
Then the soldiers arrive…

Location 16: Interrogation

Thomas meets Lazarus again but realizes that Dr. doesn’t know him. They haven’t met in the future yet!
Lazarus wants to interrogate Thomas but suddenly the guard comes and tells Lazarus that they found a mother (Sarah). Lazarus orders him to stay with Thomas and leaves.
Suddenly we hear the opening portal in the next room. Guard is going to check what’s going on and finds Thomas from Location 3. They’re going to Location 4.
You can leave the room now and follow Thomas 1 with the guard.

Location 17: Rose

Enter the dungeon. When you reach the electric wires stop and wait for a safe passage (like in Location 9).
Find Rose and go to metal doors.

Location 18: The Window

First you need to find the box and shift it to block the door. Then go with Rose to the basement window.
Now we’re controlling Rose. Run to the tool room, find the glass cutter and bring it to Tommy.
When Thomas sees no guards they run away from the building.

Location 19: Outside

You control Thomas again. Avoid places where dog is going to bark and go to the henhouse.
Then run to the trees with crows. Finally reach the stream. Rose and Thomas are running to the riverbank.

Location 20: The River

Thomas is taking Rose in his arms and enters the river to reach a boat. They hear the chasing guards. When they reach the boat a lot of events start to clarify…

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