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Game world

Discover a new experience. Explore a mysterious world that constantly surprises you with scenes painted by sounds and music. Learn about events stretched in three time dimensions. Embark on a mission to save your beloved, make fundamental choices.

This game constantly surprises you. Imagination works at maximum speed. You feel an undefined threat, you’re waiting for an attack, but instead you’re hitting scattered tools or a flying bat crosses your path.


It was one of the strongest experiences of my life. I played with my eyes closed, and I saw everything as if I was there. At Thomas’s dialogue with Rose, I almost cried. At first I had problems with controls, but somewhere from the third location I learned to move quite naturally.


Addictive storyline, I empathize with the story of the hero. Huge score for the atmosphere. I felt thrilled and  few times I just got scared.

Rosemary’s Fate: Life worth living is a Dynamic Audio Dark Adventure Game. Dark echoes of the WW2 tragedies reached the present, and you will impersonate three different characters, embroiled in the history. Within the gameplay, you will find yourself in three time periods, connected by a gruesome mystery and a mission to save a very unique life.

Thanks to our original approach to auditive scene design and the binaural technology, you will find yourself in the sound space of the game quite intuitively: you’ll be able to recognize objects and NPCs, how far the enemy is, what ground you walk on and in what room you are. The findings will allow you to solve the great mystery that exceeds the time and space limits.

The game will be available for PC, smartphone, consoles, tablets, and VR.

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Technology & Features

Narration created by 3d audio scene
Powered by dynamic audio codec
Dynamic Audio Dark Adventure
Inclusive gameplay
The story takes place in authentic locations


Movement of the character

This movie is a visualisation of Rosemary’s Fate gameplay. Its purpose is to help you control the player in an audio game.

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The Map

You can find here visualisations of locations. They may be helpful if you’re stuck in a game. But beware: pictures were not taken from entry points.

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The Solution

If you need more help read the solution by clicking button below.

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Team behind

It all started with a dream…

As “Game the Same” we build innovative & thrilling audio games to prove that our findings are not only a mere addition to AV games industry, but it’s an industry on its own – not really explored yet.

Rosemary’s Fate is a long-term project that will reveal Invisible


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