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Experience an unprecedented immersion in the game lore and get to see the power of your imagination. But beware of the unseen, as it is the most frightening…
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Rosemary’s Fate: Life worth living is a historical horror game with survival elements. Dark echoes of the WW2 tragedies reached the present, and you will impersonate three different characters, embroiled in the history. Within the gameplay, you will find yourself in three time periods, connected by a gruesome mystery and a life or death mission. Try to survive the horrors of war, defeat dark incarnations of anguish and evil, and above all – prove that every life is worth living.

Rosemary’s Fate is the most dynamic audio game in the world, which means that its whole, rich lore was created only with sound, even though the gameplay dynamic is rather similar to video games. Despite the lack of visuals, your challenges aren’t limited to making storyline decisions, and there’s no narrator to guide you through it. Prepare to be fully immersed in the terrifying interiors of a former monastery steeped in impenetrable darkness, where you will have to learn how to move, navigate, and even fight or dodge your enemies.
Thanks to our original approach to auditive scene design and the binaural technology, you will find yourself in the sound space of the game quite intuitively: you’ll be able to recognize objects and NPCs, how far the enemy is, what ground you walk on and in what room you are. The findings will allow you to save the life worth living.

The game allows either manual control, available for PC, smartphone, consoles, tablets, and VR, or voice control, compatible i. a. with Alexa Amazon.

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New York, 2019

Under the facade of a happy woman, there are unexplainable anxieties and longings. There is one remnant of unknown past from before she had been adopted, a totem of identity. Black and white picture of a group of people who seem… fearful? They stand in front of a monumental, red brick building. What are they afraid of? Who are they? And where?

Thomas knows he must aid his beloved in the search for her roots. With the help of his friends from a history forum, he finds a lead! The building is the former Owińska mental hospital in Poland, from just before WW II began. And one of the ladies in the picture is… Her great-grandmother?

Owińska village, 2019

So, Thomas and Mary come to Poland, only to find another photography in an old Cistercian convent library. It’s exactly the same as Mary’s… Or is it? No, hold on, it isn’t. There’s this one little girl next to great-grandma. But before they have time to think, find any meaningful answers, there comes… Oh, we can’t explain this, you have to hear it yourself! Because this is where everything gets complicated.


Owińska Mental Hospital, 1939

Thomas has lost the sense of sight and tries to find himself in these new circumstances. He wanders about in a labyrinth of corridors, sometimes thinking he still is in the present, and only hearing strange revenants. Sometimes realizing he’s now in a completely different place and maybe even time. He hears screams in German, gun shots, crying… Now – or once upon a time – he will meet an extremely important little girl. Oh, and also there’s Blinky, a cat that seems simultaneously dead and alive – what a paradox…

The Midworld

Where, when – and also if – is Mary?

Historic background

The historic background of events that take place in the game is Aktion T4 – a program of mass murders of mentally ill and disabled people, carried out by the III Reich under the banner of „Eliminating life unworthy of living”. The grim agenda of racial hygiene and negative eugenics has wiped away hundreds of thousands of people, and among them, a 1000 victims from the former Owińska Mental Hospital, that existed in a 13th century Cistercian nunnery building. The beautiful historic irony is that today this is where a Special Education Centre for Blind Children operates, proving that every life is worth living.

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Technology & Features

Narration created by 3d audio scene
Powered by dynamic audio codec
Horror game with survival elements
Inclusive gameplay
Dice of Fate affecting the game
Deeper immersion with binaural effects


Movement of the character
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You can find here visualisations of locations. They may be helpful if you’re stuck in a game.

But beware: pictures were not taken from entry points.

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Team behind

It all started with a dream…

As “Game the Same” we’d like to build innovative & thrilling audio games to prove that our findings are not only a mere addition to AV games industry, but it’s an industry on its own – not really explored yet.

“Rosemary’s Fate” is our first project that we decided to develop, but there are more to come soon!

When Pawel Dagiel & Pawel Jankowski has met, while working in the Corporate, they knew they need to create something together. From that point they were inseparable – leaving all that they knew, to meet the unknown. The stakes were high, but everyone could see the passion. They were looking for something that has not been explored before.

In those days, both of them would not dare to think how lucky they were to gather such a talented team to work on their inventions.

Pawel Dagiel & Pawel Jankowski has noticed how development of gaming industry & new technology brought all together can change the view on the world of sound. Thus, how audio gaming can grow. They would not wait to see how it develops, they wanted to be the pioneers!

“Game the Same” is a small, independent startup consisting of 6 incredibly talented people. Our philosophy is to bring unexpected to all those gamers, who’d like to explore the marvelous world of sounds.

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Paweł Dagiel

Paweł Jankowski

Dominik Dagiel

Krzysztof  Kus

Patryk Jatczak

Michał Ratkowski

Jan Wegner


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